Looking to Hire a Web Developer? Here Are Your Must-Haves

Your essential list of what to look for the next time you need to hire a web developer


Hire a Web Developer

So, the chances are you’ve found your way to this blog because you need to hire a web developer. With such a strong focus on the internet and the credibility a good website can provide for brands, It is no surprise that you are looking to improve your online reputation with a brand new website.

You’ve met with a handful of web developers who have a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, design and WordPress. All the technical expertise is excellent but you also want to make sure you have chosen the perfect candidate who is guaranteed to add value to your business and ultimately improve your online reputation.

We have compiled a list of key points you should consider, including some you may not have previously thought of to ensure you are selecting the very best candidate for your project.

Here are the top 6 things to consider when picking your new web developer.

1. How many other projects are they doing at the moment?

While it can be advantageous in terms of experience to have a web developer who is tackling multiple different projects at once, you want to ensure you are about to hire a web developer who will give you and your build 110%.

It’s essential for your company to hire a web developer who is committed to your project as well as committed to your team’s success.

While bespoke web developers seem like a great […]

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Importance of Java Programming: The Most Sought After Programming Language

importance of Java Programming



Based on the TIOBE Programming Community index, the importance of Java Programming cannot be denied after being declared as the most popular programming language for 2017. Currently, it is the third (3rd) most sought after skill on the Angel list and the demand for Java developers are much greater compared to other programmers – according to Indeed.com



The reason for Java’s resurgence in popularity is due to the success of the Android in the mobile market. As such, it is widely used in developing desktop apps, mobile applications, server side application, video games, etc.



Apart from being the “heart and soul” of android applications, Java is also being used for more than 4.5 billion gadgets which includes:



  • Car Navigation Systems
  • Cellphones
  • Lottery Terminals
  • Paid Parking Systems
  • Personal Computers
  • Printers
  • Games
  • Health & Medical Care Equipment
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Smart Cards
  • Web Cameras



The infographics below shows the benefits of learning Java programming and how in-demand Java developers are worldwide. It sums up how much each of the countries below are willing to pay to get the most qualified Java professionals to work for them.




Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the need for Java developers spiked significantly in 2017 – making them highly employable programmers who gets to enjoy a lucrative pay. With billions of devices utilizing this program, along with 90% of Fortune 500 companies using it in their development process, it clearly states the significance of Java in today’s modern society.


Now, if these reasons are not enough to justify as […]

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Shopify How To: Secrets that Make Up a Successful eCommerce Store


What makes Shopify one of the most sought-after ecommerce platform? Simple, it’s features offer great value for both well-established retailers and businesses, as well as regular folks who simply want to manage an online store without the fuss and technical know-how.


It’s pretty much a given that every merchant who uses Shopify would like to do better in terms of how well their product and brand is being perceived and received by their audience – and of course, how to increase leads, traffic and sales.


So customer engagement and experience; brand awareness and revenue are the basic things that every online merchant would like to improve on and enhance.


With these objectives in tow, we have complied a list of Shopify How To’s, to meet your basic goals when it comes to successfully running a Shopify eCommerce store.


Responsive Site



A very useful Shopify eCommerce guide is to have a responsive website. This is essential to ensure that your brand is being seen and represented properly in all types of devices – whether it may be in desktops, phones or tablets. This is the reason why it is crucial for you to have it tested on various devices given that most people are on their cellular phones and other mobile devices.


The importance of user experience is essential in engaging customers and making sales. Therefore, ensuring that they can properly view your store online and interact with your brand easily is a great way for your brand to produce a great deal of following.


Shopify […]

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