SEO vs. SMM… is is just the battle of the fittest?

Is there value in having both?  

Let’s explore, shall we?

Online Traffic: It’s Important

Now, more so than ever before, there is a heightened importance on managing a successful online presence. It’s not just, ‘suggested’, or considered, ‘advantageous’, it’s a necessity to include it as a part of your brand/business marketing strategy.

Organic traffic, or as most of us know it as, ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation), refers to the natural position of your website in the Google search results. It’s all about making your way up to that glorified, top position.

But, before we discuss ways in which we have to get there, let’s first get to the matter of why ranking is so important.




Well, look at it this way. Picture the last time you watched a running race – or any sort of sporting event, for that matter. Think of the competitors… which one do you remember most? Was it the person who came in fourth or fifth? Or, was it the person who came first- the one that won?

I’m putting my bets down that it was the latter.

By being in that no.1 ranked position, not only do you receive the most attention, you’re also remembered more than any of your fellow competitors. People talk about you and they also  gain trust in your capabilities.

In non-metaphorical terms, it helps your website to be more visible near visitors who would potentially look for information or products related to your site/brand.

Organic traffic/SEO refers to […]