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Online Lead Generation Services


Every digital marketer recognizes the importance of online lead generation services and the role it plays in helping a business grow. The objective of generating quality leads is to convert these into paying customers. This means that you need to attract the right market to visit your website, have your visitors give out their personal information and hope that they want or need your product or service.


With that in mind, here are some tried and tested tips when it comes to targeting the right audience for your brand – and how to retain and have them visit your site more often.


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Quality Content


It is undeniable that producing quality content is vital and important when it comes to building your lead generation marketing strategy.


It has been proven that majority of the people who visited your website chanced upon a content that was meaningful enough to them that it led them to browse through your site. This is why your blog is a powerful lead generation tool and an awesome content marketing booster when it comes to providing additional value to your audience.


This is the beauty of content marketing – you create a delightfully interesting or informative copy to lure people who are within your niche, towards your site. And the best part is that this tactic is three times more effective than traditionally marketing – plus it costs 62% less!


In building your content marketing strategy and incorporating this to your online lead generation techniques, you need to define your market. From there, generate blog posts, ebooks, landing pages, videos and webinars that are engaging and informative to your market.


The intention behind producing these would be to alert your visitors to take immediate action as you offer products and/or services that they want or need.


Strategically Promote Content Using SEO, SEM & SMM


Strategically Promote Content Using SEO, SEM & SMM


Producing great content is not enough, especially if no one is there to read it. Hence, developing a content distribution strategy is a great way to generate leads. Since targeting your market is the main objective, you need to know where to find them and how to get in front of them.


This is where your knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine optimization) will come in handy. SEO is focused on the website’s organic traffic. This means that a web page ranked in Google through a natural or unpaid method; and FYI, organic traffic is the number one source of high-quality leads for many online marketers.


SEM on the other had is paid traffic. These are the ads you see on the top, bottom and side portions of Google, and this is another way for your prospects to find you online.


Another important thing to consider is SMM (social media marketing). By choosing relevant social networks to promote your content to, you’ll find that your target audience will not only find your site, but also share your content till it goes viral – provided it is a content that is worth sharing and talking about.


This is also, a great way to connect and build relationships with your audience and influencers. This is the perfect platform to share insights and ask what they want to know regarding your product, service or industry.


In short, if you want to generate and increase your leads, combining SEO and SMM in your content marketing strategy will help you achieve this.


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Use Attention Grabbing Titles, Headings and Subject Lines


No matter how great your offer is, if it gets by-passed due to mundane and poorly constructed headlines, then everything else that you worked hard on suffers. Some tips to get your readers to click, download or sign-up, is to point out exactly what they can expect once they have accomplished the act that you are asking from them.


Also, keep your titles, headings or subject lines under 65 characters to avoid force truncating.


Incorporate “Newsjacking”


By aligning your business, product or service to a “trending” topic that is applicable to your brand, you can then capiltalize on public interest that could generate a huge buzz or interest when it comes to your current offering or promotion.


Email Newsletters


By producing expert email newsletters, you can generate valuable leads effectively. Not only is this one of the most efficient online lead generation methods, it’s also one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways of keeping in-touch with your audience.


Business Newsletters are designed to give the impression that you are an authority in your niche, as well as establishing your business as a leading brand in your industry. It’s also a convenient way of connecting, engaging and captivating your audience by giving them updates regarding your business. This includes product, services, offers and newsworthy features that you would want to impart to your customers.


Now to increase the rate of response to your email, it is highly recommended to place your CTA button on the top of the email as well as below.


Don’t forget to include your signature. This is your business trademark so it’s imperative that you always use one whenever sending out emails. Leaving links such as your website, email and other contact information is a must; and you can also include awards or recognitions that you deem valuable and noteworthy.


CTA Best Practices


Apply CTAs Best Practices


CTA or Call-to-action buttons are important when it comes to grabbing the attention of your customers. That’s why the location and/or position of your CTA buttons; its design and the words used are crucial for it to be a success.


Design your CTA buttons, in such a way, that it prominently stands out in your site. Use words that resonate with your audience – this means avoiding generic terms such as “read more,” “learn more,” etc. Also, your CTAs must clearly state what the customer can expect once they click it.


You can incorporate CTAs to your blogs, email newsletter, landing pages, social media posts and homepage. The trick to the successful completion of a lead is to direct CTA links to a specific landing page that takes your visitor to your sales funnel (or your “offer page”), instead of directing them to another page that would require them to do more clicking.


Landing Pages that Convert


Landing Pages that Convert


The main purpose of producing landing pages is to attempt a visitor to become a lead. To ensure the effectivity of your landing page, keep the design simple, include your logo and information on what your visitor can expect once a successful transaction has transpired. Don’t forget to include a form requesting some information from your visitor.


Content-wise, only use information that would convert your visitor into a lead – this means restricting your content to one specific topic or offer.


video marketing strategy


Video Marketing


The strong presence of video marketing is undeniable. Just look at how powerful YouTube is. Even Facebook recognizes how influential videos can be – with the increase in engagement when compared to images posted on their social network.


Online marketers have been utilizing this tool and most have incorporated a video marketing strategy that would further expand their reach. From tutorials to informative videos; down to very creative methods in presenting their product, services and current offerings; one thing remains to be consistent, and that is delivering valuable video content that is interesting and informative in nature.


Limited Deals & Offers generate qualified leads

Limited Deals & Offers


Limited offers and deals are a great way to create a sense of urgency from your customers. When you provide products or services for a limited time, or till supplies last, then consumers are most likely to act much quicker. This is the reason why having “items on sale” and offering discounts will always be around – nobody can resist great deals! And this is a quicker way to generate qualified leads and initiate B2C engagement.


“Thank You” messages strengthen lead engagement


Don’t Forget “Thank You” Messages


“Thank You” messages are a great way to nurture and strengthen lead engagement – especially between a company and its consumer. This normally appears once the visitor has clicked the CTA button which leads them to a downloadable file, sign-up form, etc. After that has been accomplished, you can opt do an up-sell by arranging another CTA for a product, service or information related to what they have just received.


mobile friendly forms increase conversions


Adhere to the “Mobile First” Approach


Given that mobile has superseded desktops in terms of usage, it makes sense to focus on developing mobile-friendly tactics when trying to generate leads. Apart from having a responsive website that works well with every mobile device in the market, it is also crucial to design mobile-friendly forms if you are aiming to increase conversions through this medium. The goal is to make it convenient and easy for the user to input data on the form.


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Use Tracking Tools


Utilizing tracking tools to measure your performance is a must as this demonstrates numeric evidence as to how effective your lead generation tactics are. By incorporating widely used tools such as Google Analytics, Unbounced (for landing pages) or using form insights, you’ll be able to determine which of your methods are working, which ones you need to refine further and which ones you need to do away with.


Refine, Refine, Refine


To ensure the long-term effectiveness of any lead generating strategies, continue to do what currently works for your organization, but keep testing new methods and ways to better enhance your lead generation digital marketing methods. Nothing works best than consistently and regularly monitoring and testing the performance of your current methods to get the best results possible.


In short, there are many tried and tested ways, and more still being developed, when it comes to generating leads – after all, it is crucial for any company to generate qualified leads to ensure the survival of their business. Outsourced lead generation services can provide expert services at affordable rates. So, if you’re looking to hire a lead generation specialist or a team of professionals, contact our recruitment at Outsourced today!